First “biosourced” sailboat to complete a trip around the world

The Sterne is a racing sailboat built by the Ecotransat team. It was designed by Guillaume Calestroupat, naval architect, upon request for a plan by the association. The achievement criteria were: low environmental impact, speed, and budget.

The materials used are wood, fiberglass, basalt fiber, linen fiber and jute fiber. To achieve this result, collective work was carried out between the companies Trilam – Clm, FRD – Fibers Recherches et Développement, as well as the Vega Voiles sailmaker in Grau-du-Roi (France). These Sails have been successfully tested. Success during the world tour, speaking in terms of analysis work, of composite materials.

The antifouling is silicone-based without any biocide.

The Sterne responds, among other things, to the problem of boat cemeteries. Places where boats are stored and left to “die” with their batches of materials that are toxic to the environment. Particles that degrade biodiversity and the balance of the marine environment.

Here are some articles (in French) that address the subject :

The construction of the Sterne in pictures :

Technical data

  • Length : 24 ft 9 in
  • Width : 10 ft 5 in
  • Draft : 6 ft 6 in
  • Estimated weight : 1.42 short ton
  • Upwind sail : 516 sq ft
  • Downwind sail : 1 162 sq ft
  • Mast height : 34 ft 12 in